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The Parliamentary Boutique first opened its doors in 1960 in the Centre Block as a bookstore managed by the National Printing Bureau. Eight years later, then-Speaker of the House the Honourable Lucien Lamoureux took over management of the growing enterprise.

A popular stop for tourists and parliamentarians alike, the Boutique continued to serve the public through the ‘70s and ’80s, offering a growing selection of books, souvenirs and other Parliament-related products. In 1985, management of the Boutique was transferred to the Material Management Branch of the House of Commons. Ten years later, the Parliamentary Guide Service took the reins. In April 1996, the Boutique became the responsibility of the Information and Documentation Branch of the Library of Parliament. And it was in July 2001 that management of the Boutique was transferred to the Parliamentary Public Programs division, which still oversees it today.

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