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Bill On
The Hill
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This resource accomplishes the following:
  • examines the specific steps needed for a bill to become a law in Canada‚Äôs Parliament.
  • is relevant to any unit on federal governance, its practices and procedures, and the political structure in Canada.
  • meets curriculum requirements for specific skill objectives such as critical thinking, expressing informed opinions, debating differing viewpoints and demonstrating collaborative skills.
  • is suitable for Grades 4-6 (Primary cycles 2 and 3 in Quebec) but can be adapted up to Grade 10-11 (Secondary cycle 5 in Quebec).

Students will:

  • write a bill and introduce it;
  • play the roles of Senators and Members of Parliament;
  • debate, amend and learn how to pass a bill through each of the three levels of Parliament;
  • discuss laws that affect their everyday lives;
  • explore the differences between the Senate and the House of Commons.
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