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Our Country, Our Parliament

Learn About Parliament

Classroom Activities

Preview and Introduction
Activity 1: Symbols of Canada and Student Survey
Activity 2: A Canadian Democracy
Activity 3: Meet the New Kids

Section 1: The Road to Democracy
Activity 4: Spot the Freedom, Spot the Right
Activity 5: My Rights, My Freedoms

Section 2: Canada's System of Government
Activity 6: Road to the Senate
Activity 7: Road to the House of Commons

Section 3: Canada's Democracy in Action
Activity 8: Working on the Hill

Section 4: The Business of Parliament
Activity 9: Words in Your Mouth
Activity 10: In the House
Activity 11: Bill on the Hill

Section 5: Your Capital
Activity 12: Capital Experience

Section 6: Parliament in Motion
Activity 13: Make Your Point
Activity 14: No Postage Required

Wrapping Up Your Parliamentary Unit
Activity 15: Speaker's Challenge
Activity 16: Parliament Web Quest
Activity 17: Parliament Bingo

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