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Activity 6: Road to the Senate: Senator's Role
Persuasive Checklist (T)


Knowledge and Understanding
A brief biography of the Senator is included.
A link is made between the Senator's specific skills and background, and the recommended committee.
An understanding of the role of a Senator is evident.

A clear argument supporting the Senator is given and three main reasons why he or she is a good fit for the job of Senator are briefly introduced.

Each paragraph begins with a clear topic sentence.
A short paragraph sums up the Senator's background and qualifications.
There is a paragraph for each of the three main reasons.
Each reason is backed up with facts and opinions (personal and factual information).

Key points are summarized.
Support for the Senator is reiterated.
The conclusion is clear and there is a sense of ending.

Language is addressed to a specific audience.
The argument is logical and well supported.
A knowledgeable and passionate voice is used.
Persuasion techniques, such as loaded words, strong emotional impact and bandwagon appeal, are used.
Linking words associated with reasoning (i.e. therefore, first, for one thing, also, as a result, however) are used.
Careful editing is apparent in sentence structure, spelling, word choice and conventions.

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