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Activity 7: Road to the House of Commons:
Member of Parliament Campaign Checklist (S)


My sign and commercial are aimed at a specific target audience.
My sign includes a picture of the Member of Parliament (MP), his or her name, his or her party affiliation, and the party’s logo and colours.
My commercial mentions the MP’s party, qualifications and experience.
My sign and commercial have a powerful slogan or tagline.
In my commercial, I explain why the MP should be elected.

My sign uses appropriate colours (those of my MP's party) to catch the viewer's eye.
My sign uses attractive fonts and makes the most important words and phrases stand out.
My sign is clear and well presented.
My commercial is clear and creative.
I use some persuasive techniques to convince my viewer: humour, loaded words, flattery, statistics and endorsements.

Oral Language
I have rehearsed and am fully prepared.
I speak clearly, with good volume, and do not rush or hesitate.
I make eye contact with my audience.
I describe my MP's accomplishments and background.
I describe my MP's advantages and overcome his or her disadvantages.

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