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Assessment Tools

Some activities have assessment tools (formative and summative) for them. Note that (T) denotes assessments completed by the teacher, while (S) denotes assessments completed by students.

Activity 4: Spot the Freedom, Spot the Right Group Work Rubric (T)
The teacher assesses group scenarios based on violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Activity 5: My Rights, My Freedoms Peer Assessment (S)
Students complete a peer assessment of their fellow group members in a discussion activity about rights and freedoms.

Activity 6: Road to the Senate: Senator's Role Persuasive Checklist (T)
The teacher completes a checklist of important elements students need to include in a persuasive oral and written presentation about Senators.

Activity 7: Road to the House of Commons: Member of Parliament Campaign Checklist (S)
Students complete a checklist of important elements that they need to include in a campaign poster and commercial for a Member of Parliament.

Activity 9: Words in Your Mouth: Parliamentarian Speech Oral and Written Rubric (T)
The teacher assesses persuasive speeches that students write about an issue they think is important to discuss in Parliament.

Activity 12: Capital Experience Tour Rubric (T)
The teacher assesses tours students create of their school or community for a single visitor or group.

Activity 13: Make Your Point Poster Rubric (T)
The teacher assesses posters students create to raise awareness about an issue of importance to them.

Activity 14: No Postage Required Rubric (T)
The teacher assesses letters written by students to parliamentarians about an issue of importance to them.

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