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Our country, our Parliament : a guide for learners of English as a second language and an introduction to how Parliament works.

Issued also in French under title: Notre pays, notre Parlement, un guide d'apprentissage destiné aux apprenants du français langue seconde et une introduction au fonctionnement du Parlement.

ISBN 978-0-662-46116-6

Cat. no.: YM41-5/2007E

1. Canada. Parliament.  2. Legislative power--Canada. 3. Representative government and representation--Canada. 4. Canada--Politics and government. 5. English language--Textbooks for second language learners--French speakers.

I. Canada. Library of Parliament II. Title.

JL136.O87 2009 328.71 C2007-980136-6

The printing and distribution of this edition is made possible in part by Canadian Heritage (Government of Canada) and the Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy.

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