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Application form

Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy
Parliament of Canada, Ottawa

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

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Section A: Applicant Information

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The Teachers Institute is a bilingual program. As such, teachers are welcome to participate in either official language. Bilingualism is not a requirement for the program, as simultaneous translation services and materials in both English and French will be made available to participants.

What language do you consider to be your first official language?

Which of the following statements best describes your second language proficiency?

Please indicate the primary language in which you teach:

Please indicate your preferred language for correspondence:


The Library of Parliament is committed to selecting candidates that reflect the diversity of the Canadian population. We encourage Indigenous peoples, members of visible minority groups, and individuals with disabilities to self-identify when applying to the program. Please note that completion of this section is voluntary.

Do you self-identify as a member of an equity-seeking group? (check all that apply):

Teaching Experience

*Please list your teaching experience (beginning with the most recent). This can include experience outside the classroom but in the education field.

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Current Teaching Environment
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Section B: Questions

Statement of Interest (10 points)

1. *Please describe in detail why you would like to attend the Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy. Your response should indicate your professional and personal goals and interests.

Approach to Teaching (15 points)

2. *Please choose one (1) teaching strategy/lesson plan/activity that you have developed to educate your students about civics, government, politics, or Canadian parliamentary democracy. Briefly describe this strategy/lesson plan/activity and explain why you have chosen this approach. Your answer should provide some indication of a) your ability to engage students using innovative teaching strategies and b) your overall teaching philosophy.

Subject Interest and Knowledge (10 points)

3. *The Teachers Institute provides teachers with a better understanding of Canadian parliamentary democracy. If you are selected to attend this year’s Institute, what two (2) topics relating to Canada’s parliament and system of government would you like to learn more about, and why? Your response should indicate your level of interest in, and knowledge about, Canadian parliamentary democracy.

Commitment to Professional Development (10 points)

4. *Please provide evidence of your commitment to ongoing professional development with reference to professional learning activities and continuing education. List any summer institutes, conferences, and international programs that you have attended, as well as certificates, diplomas and/or degrees that you have earned. If you are relatively new to the profession, please include your plans for future professional development. Your answer should include a description of how professional development activities and coursework have influenced (or in the case of new teachers, will influence) your development as a teacher.

Contributions to Profession (15 points)

5. *Please describe two (2) educational initiatives in which you have been involved and explain your motives for participating in these initiatives. Initiatives might include pilot projects, delivery of mentorship programs and professional development activities, involvement in conferences and presentations, curriculum development activities, creation of student clubs, and development of new resources. Your answer should indicate your commitment to the field of education and your willingness to make contributions to the profession both in and out of the classroom.

Ability to Collaborate (15 points)

6. *Identify a professional situation that required you to work in a highly collaborative setting. What was your role in the collaboration? What outcomes, if any, were achieved through collaboration in this situation? Your answer should include evidence that you are experienced working with others and that you understand the benefits of collaboration in the field of education.

Knowledge Sharing (10 points)

7. *Alumni of the Teachers Institute are expected to share the knowledge they have gained as a result of the program with the wider education community. If you are selected to attend the Teachers Institute, how will you ensure that students and colleagues in your district benefit from your time in Ottawa? Your response should include a detailed plan and indicate your ability to assume a leadership role in sharing information about the Teachers Institute.

Section C: Knowledge about Teachers Institute program

Past Applications

*Have you applied to this program in the past?

If yes, please indicate the year of your previous application.


*How did you hear about the Teachers Institute ? Please check all that apply.

Educational publication (association newsletter, journal or magazine) Name:

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Workshop on educational resources from the Parliament of Canada

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