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How to Apply


How do I apply?

Summer 2018 Program

  • You must submit the online application form by Monday, January 22, 2018.
  • You must also provide the following documents by email no later than Monday, January 22:
    • Your curriculum vitae and a cover letter;
    • A proof of registration, proof of payment, or proof of status confirming that you are a student;
    • A photocopied proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Please send all supplementary documents to Please note in the subject field: Parliamentary Guide Recruitment, Summer 2018, your name.

  • Note: Only complete applications (including the application form and all supplementary documents) will be considered.

What documents are suitable to send as proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency?

  • You may send a photocopy of your Canadian Birth Certificate, your Landed Immigrant Papers/Permanent Resident Card, your Certificate of Citizenship, or your valid Canadian passport.
  • Neither a driver’s licence nor a health card is a suitable document.

What documents are appropriate to send as proof of student status?

  • You may send a copy of your proof of registration, with or without the registrar’s seal, proof of tuition payment, or official proof of student status, as issued by an accredited Canadian university.
  • A list of registered classes is not an appropriate document.


Are college students eligible? CEGEP students?

  • University students are eligible. College and CEGEP students who already possess a degree from a recognized university are also eligible. CEGEP and college students who do not already hold a university degree are not eligible.

Can I apply if I’m studying part-time?

  • Yes. Full- and part-time university students are welcome to apply.

Do I really need to speak English and French?

  • Yes. Parliamentary Guides offer tours and visitor services in English and French every day, so applicants must be able to speak both languages fluently.

What do you look for in an application?


Who would I be working for?

  • The Parliamentary Guide Program is part of the Library of Parliament’s Public Education Programs.

How long has the Guide Program been around?

  • Since 1924! The modern program has existed since 1990.

Deadline for Application

Your complete application for the Summer 2018 Program must be submitted no later than January 22, 2018.

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