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Selection Criteria

Application Screening

What do you look for in an application?

Applications to the Parliamentary Guide Program are assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Relevant experience (interpretation and guiding, customer service, public speaking, etc.);
  • Breadth of experience (employment, volunteer and/or extracurricular experience in client services, interpersonal skills, teamwork, etc.);
  • Superior communication skills.


What do you look for during an interview (and after)?

Candidates are assessed according to the following criteria at various steps in the selection process:

  • Knowledge of the Canadian legislative process and the history of Parliament;
  • Superior oral communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Professionalism and judgement;
  • Creativity, adaptability, confidence, and a capacity to engage;
  • Initiative, focus, and teamwork;
  • Ability to converse clearly, coherently, and accurately, and to convey and understand a message easily in their second language, as assessed by the House of Commons Language Assessment Centre.

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