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What We Offer


Comprehensive training sessions cover:

  • Parliament’s history
  • The Canadian legislative process and the major players involved
  • The art and architecture of Parliament
  • Interpretive techniques
  • And more!

Hours of Work

Your hours of work depend on the season:

  • In summer: up to 40 hours per week
  • In fall/winter: between 10 and 30 hours per week
  • Shift times vary and include weekdays, weekends, and evenings


The Guide Program provides a competitive wage:

  • $17.58/hour
  • In summer: the Guide Program offers a living allowance of $1,000 to help cover expenses while in Ottawa (dependant on performance and contract completion)


In summer the Guide Program will provide:

  • A list of Ottawa apartments to sublet for the summer
  • Guides must pay for their own accommodation and related expenses while in Ottawa


Guides travel to Ottawa to work for the summer season.

  • Guides hired to work during the summer will have their travel covered by the Guide Program.


Guides must wear a uniform.

  • Guides are provided with a uniform at the beginning of training, free of charge
  • The uniform must be returned at the end of the employment period

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