Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliament Democracy

Experience a week on Parliament Hill, just like these teachers did…

Brad Dowler, Manitoba: “It was fantasy camp for social studies teachers. It was just absolutely fantastic.”

Cori Harcourt, Saskatchewan: “It’s teaching me so much more. It’s making me a better teacher. So, when I can go back to my classroom, I have real, hands-on knowledge that I can impart to my students.”

Ross Laing, Ontario: “It really enriched the experience. So, it gave me much more depth. I could speak with more confidence about issues. I had anecdotes to tell from being here that I could share with my students.”

Corvin Uhrbach, Alberta: “Well, I think for a younger teacher coming here, I think with… they get is real good ideas on how to engage students about the political process.”

Stephanie Snow, Newfoundland and Labrador: “I’ve been taking notes on the iPad all through the sessions. Some of those I’ve been able to email back directly to our class set of iPads at home, so its been almost as if they’ve been here with me in many senses.”

Brad Dowler, Manitoba: “I tease my kids, cause I show some videos of Ottawa and the Parliament, and I’m at the back, and I go “Been there!” and “I talked to that guy!” And so the kids now have a connection.”

Sally McAllister, New Brunswick: “I find that talking to the other teachers and learning what they’re doing, and some of the situations they’re facing, is probably the most valuable.”

Giovanna Longhi, Alberta: “My favourite thing is the role-play in the committees. So, we take on a role as a particular lobby-group or an interest group and we have to defend a particular position on a Bill.”

Lise Martin-Keilty, New Brunswick: “After being here for the week and living it, and being on Parliament Hill, and seeing everything in action, it inspired me.”

Barb Corbett, New Brunswick: “Having the opportunity to come here to Ottawa, it’s a really mind opening experience because you have the opportunity to learn from people who see our country differently, who have different educational programming in each of their respective provinces. And you develop a more vast view of how to deliver social-studies curriculum and how to teach about parliamentary democracy. So, I think you are much richer when you come away from the Teachers Institute experience.”

Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliament Democracy
An insider’s view of Parliament
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