Parliament 24/7

In 1977, Canadians were the first people in the world who were able to watch live televised broadcasts of debates and proceedings in their Parliament.

Today, with modern technology, there are many more ways to keep up with what is happening at Parliament, right where you live. On TV and on the Internet, you can watch Cable Public Affairs Channel’s broadcasts of the Senate and House of Commons committee work, and of question period in the House of Commons. You can also listen to podcasts. On the Parliament of Canada website, there are also webcasts of proceedings in the Senate and the House of Commons Chambers and committees. If there is a bill or an issue that really interests you, you can follow every stage of that legislation on the website.


Most Senators and MPs have their own website. Use a search engine and look up your MP or a Senator to see what they are doing!


Why do you think it is important for Canadians to have access to a record of everything that is said in the House?