Political Parties

Canada has many different political parties. People in the same party usually have similar opinions about public issues. In Parliament, members of different parties often have different opinions. This is why there are sometimes disagreements during elections and when Parliament is sitting. Having different parties allows criticism and encourages debate. Canadians have a choice to express their views by voting for a member of a specific party during election time. This is called the party system.


You probably have opinions on and ideas of what would be good for Canada. Think about one issue that is important to you (the environment, immigration, education, or law and order, for example). Research some of the major political parties in Canada to find out where they stand on your issue. Which one do you think has the best ideas? Imagine you are creating a political party. What issues are important?


The word campaign comes from the Latin campus, which means field. In ancient times, armies would take to the field when they fought. In English, we still use the word campaign to mean a military battle or series of battles.We can also use the word race to describe an election competition. Race comes from the Old Norse ras, meaning running water. Like many words in English, we can use race either as a noun or as a verb.

NOUN     VERB              EXAMPLES
race to race She ran a very good race. He raced to the finish line.
vote to vote  
form to form  
act to act  
help to help  
  • issue
  • policy
  • idea
  • opinion

These words are difficult to explain because they are abstract. Look them up in a dictionary if you do not know them. Can you use these words in a sentence?