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About Canada - À propos du Canada

Poloz Sees Grim Side of Data in Holding Canada Rates Steady

Theophilos Argitis, Bloomberg, U.K., 1 March 2017

The Bank of Canada kept alive its downbeat tone in a rate decision Wednesday, choosing to highlight the grimmer aspects of recent indicators that have also shown robust job gains and higher inflation.


Should You Move (Your Money) to Canada?

Ann Carrns, The New York Times, U.S., 2 March, 2017

Representatives of Canadian banks and credit unions said they had not seen a stampede of Americans opening accounts. Calls to three TD Canada Trust branches, including one in Ottawa and two closer to the United States border, elicited shrugs.


Des microfossiles vieux de 3,77 milliards d'années

Hervé Morin, Le Monde, France, 3 mars 2017

La découverte de structures tubulaires et filamenteuses dans des roches canadiennes vieilles d'au moins 3,77 milliards d'années offre de nouveaux indices pour mieux cerner les conditions de son apparition.


Le Canada divisé sur la privatisation de ses ports et aéroports

Anne Pélouas, Le Monde, France, 3 mars 2017

Plusieurs aéroports canadiens, de concert avec le Conseil national des lignes aériennes, ont lancé en février une campagne pour dénoncer les risques d'une privatisation des principales installations aéroportuaires du pays.


Au bout de l'exil, le Canada plutôt que l'Amérique de Trump

Courrier International, France, 3 mars 2017

Si les autorités canadiennes refusent pour l'instant de faire un lien direct avec les politiques de l'administration Trump, elles reconnaissent néanmoins que les demandeurs d'asile en provenance des Etats-Unis ont augmenté depuis janvier, surtout via le Québec. Une tendance frappante, alors que les Etats-Unis étaient jusqu'ici avant tout un pays d'accueil.


Make Canada great again? Conservative Canucks chart course for the age of Trump

Ashifa Kassam, BBC, U.K., 3 March 2017

Conference of Canadian right asks: are we immune from or are we infected by the forces that produced Brexit in Britain and Donald Trump?s in the US.


Toronto's buried history: the dark story of how mining built a city

Niko Block, The Guardian, U.K., 3 March 2017

Even most residents don?t know Toronto is the global headquarters of the mining industry ? but scratch the surface and some uncomfortable truths are revealed.


Chasing Trudeau; Canada's Conservatives

The Economist, U.K., 4 March 2017

THE annual Manning Centre conference in Ottawa is popularly known as Woodstock for Canadian Conservatives. It is not obvious why. At this year's edition, held from February 23rd to 25th, booths manned by clean-cut millennials offered pamphlets on such subjects as child discipline and taxing carbon emissions.


Justin Trudeau to Attend Broadway Musical 'Come From Away'

MICHAEL PAULSON, The New York Times, U.S., 5 March 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, who has championed the arts and welcomed refugees while in office, said on Saturday he would visit Broadway to see a new musical that highlights Canadian generosity toward stranded airline passengers in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.


Why Canada won't tighten border security despite an uptick in illegal immigration

Gretel Kauffman, The Christian Science Monitor, U.S., 5 March 2017

Several hundred people have illegally crossed into Canada from the United States since the beginning of the year, officials say, with much of the activity taking place in the weeks immediately following President Trump's controversial executive order temporarily barring refugees and citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States.


Canada sex assault acquittal signals 'open season on incapacitated women'

Ashifa Kassam, The Guardian, U.K., 7 March 2017

Calls are mounting for the removal of a Canadian provincial judge who told a courtroom ?clearly, a drunk can consent?, before acquitting a taxi driver accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger who was found half-naked and unconscious in his cab.


Canada Extends Ukraine Military Mission

David George-Cosh and Paul Vieira, The Wall Street Journal, U.S., 7 March 2017

Canada said Monday that it would extend its military mission in Ukraine by another two years as the country's Liberal government maintains a defiant tone against Russian aggression in the region.


EU-Canada trade deal will cost jobs and cause greater inequality, study says

Ian Johnston, The Independent, U.K., 8 March 2017

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (Ceta) between the EU and Canada will lead to more than 300,000 job losses and cause a rise in inequality, according to a new academic paper.


Canada?s foreign minister says Russia is spreading disinformation about her grandfather

Alan Freeman, The Washington Post, U.S.A., 9 March 2017

anada?s chilly relations with Russia have taken a nasty turn with charges of disinformation leveled by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland against Russia over allegations that her long-dead, Ukrainian-born grandfather was a Nazi collaborator in occupied Poland.


Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's International Women's Day message: think of the men

Ashifa Kassam, The Guardian, U.K., 8 March 2017

The wife of prime minister Justin Trudeau divided opinion on social media with a post inviting praise for men and boys who promote gender equality.



Africa/Middle East - Afrique/Moyen-Orient

Starvation now the enemy in killing fields of Sudan

Tom Rowley, The Daily Telegraph, U.K., 2 March 2017

Unity State has borne the brunt of vicious fighting that erupted across the country in 2013, two years after South Sudan gained its independence from the north. Thousands of men are thought to have been killed in this state alone and more than 1,000 women and girls raped. Now, those who have escaped the bullets face dying of hunger.


Isil and al-Qaeda unite as deadly menace in Libya

Adam Nathan, The Daily Telegraph, U.K., 2 March 2017

ISIL is regrouping in southern Libya with the support of al-Qaeda and preparing for further attacks spearheaded by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, one of the world's most wanted men, according to the country's defence minister.


Tunisian Officers, Branded 'Cowardly' During 2015 Massacre, Face Charges

Declan Walsh And Nour Youssef, The New York Times, U.S., 2 March 2017

The Tunisian government acknowledged fault on Wednesday for the way its police force responded when a gunman linked to the Islamic State went on a rampage in Sousse in June 2015.


L'acquittement de Moubarak clôt le chapitre de la révolution égyptienne

Hélène Sallon, Le Monde, France, 3 mars 2017

L'Egypte a définitivement tourné la page de la révolution du 25 janvier 2011. Le faible espoir porté par les familles des manifestants tués lors des dix-huit jours ayant conduit à la chute de l'ancien président Hosni Moubarak s'est éteint, jeudi 2 mars. La Cour de cassation a acquitté l'ancien raïs de 88 ans de toute implication.


Zimbabwe says nearly 250 killed in flooding since December

Farai Mutsaka, ABC News, U.S., 3 March 2017

For months, they pleaded for rain. Now they're dying from the downpour. Floods in Zimbabwe have killed nearly 250 people since December in regions that were recently suffering from drought.


For victims of Syrian state brutality, path to justice runs through Europe

Anthony Faiola and Rick Noack, The Washington Post, U.S., 3 March 2017

After his arrest and torture by the government of Bashar al-Assad, dissident Khaled Rawas slipped out of Syria pledging to continue the fight. On Wednesday, he did just that - joining a landmark legal complaint in Germany seeking something that has proved elusive for the victims of the Syrian civil war.


A nation holds its breath; Nigeria

The Economist, U.K., 4 March 2017

Mr Buhari was elected in March 2015 promising to defeat Boko Haram, the jihadist group terrorising the country's north-east, and to tackle endemic corruption. He had on his side a wave of hope.


Au Kenya, un fermier se bat pour secourir les animaux assoiffés

Courrier international, France, 5 mars 2017

Depuis six mois, une centaine d'éléphants, buffles et zèbres vient s'abreuver à un trou d'eau alimenté par ce fermier qui, chaque jour, parcourt 70 km avec un camion bleu qu'il loue pour acheminer le précieux liquide.


On patrol with the Black Mambas

Gavin Bell, The Daily Telegraph, U.K., 5 March 2017

They call them the Black Mambas, a paramilitary unit of women recruited from local communities on the western boundaries of South Africa's Kruger National Park to combat the scourge of rhino poaching for their horns, and the butchering of other animals for "bush meat".


Perils in Libya come before risk of death at sea

Sudarsan Raghavan, The Washington Post, U.S., 5 March 2017

The number of bodies washing up on Libyan shores is escalating as the refugee crisis worsens. But migrants also are facing perils even before they step into a boat.


ISIS chemical attack suspected as Mosul residents seek care

Loveday Morris, The Washington Post, U.S., 5 March 2017

Twelve people from the embattled city of Mosul, including a 2-month-old baby, have been treated for suspected exposure to a blistering chemical agent, medics said Saturday, as Islamic State militants strike back at government-held neighborhoods while trying to hold off advancing government forces.


La révolution numérique en marche en Afrique

Stanislas Ndayishimiye, RFI, France, 6 mars 2017

L?Afrique est en train de participer à la révolution numérique. Sur le continent, des entreprises de commerce en ligne, comme Jumia en Côte d?Ivoire, affirment qu?elles créent des conditions de croissance pour les petites et moyennes entreprises.


Ruée vers l?or en Côte d'Ivoire : des villageois privés d?eau potable accusent les orpailleurs

Jérome Bassolé, France 24, France, 7 mars 2017

Cela fait près d?un mois que les habitants de Bianouan, en Côte d?Ivoire, sont privés de leur principale ressource en eau potable, la rivière La Bia. La société de traitement des eaux de la ville a suspendu ses activités depuis que l?eau a pris une étrange couleur marron.


16-Hour Days for Zimbabwe?s Women

Sally Nyakanyanga, Inter Press Service, Italy, 7 March 2017

Many women and girls carry the heavy, unequal and seemingly natural burden of care work, which is rarely appreciated, not financially beneficial and deeply rooted in culture.


Gaza's women of steel

Mersiha Gadzo, Al Jazeera, Qatar, 8 March 2017

Women in Gaza are stepping up as family breadwinners, breaking cultural norms as they strive to make ends meet.



Americas - Amériques

A worrisome number for Colombia's peace prospects

Nick Miroff, The Washington Post, U.S., 2 March 2017

The government's pact with leftist FARC rebels to end their 52-year war faces threats from multiple enemies and opponents, and supporters of the accord have been alarmed by a wave of lethal attacks against community leaders and left-wing activists.


Quand un café au lait mesure l'inflation au Venezuela

Marie de Vergès, Le Monde, France, 2 mars 2017

On connaissait l'indice Big Mac, créé par l'hebdomadaire The Economist pour comparer le niveau des devises dans le monde en se basant sur le prix du célèbre hamburger. Place au Café con leche Index, inventé par l'agence financière Bloomberg pour tenter de mesurer l'hyperinflation qui sévit au Venezuela.


An idealist's martyrdom fails to move Honduras

SILVIO CARRILLO, The New York Times, U.S., 3 March 2017

In Honduras, justice is elusive. In recent years, hundreds of social activists have been killed here. Very rarely are the killers caught. Corruption and criminality are widely believed to reach into the highest levels of government.


Brazil's Leaders Preach the Necessity of Austerity (Just Not for Them)

SIMON ROMERO, The New York Times, U.S., 4 March 2017

Brazil's sickly economy is hemorrhaging thousands of jobs a day, states are scrambling to pay police officers and teachers, and money for subsidized meals is in such short supply that one legislator suggested the poor could "eat every other day."


He who pays democracy's piper; Bello

The Economist, U.K., 4 March 2017

Revelations of corrupt political donations in several Latin American countries by Odebrecht and other Brazilian construction firms are sparking demands to tighten the rules on campaign finance.


Unearthing the past; Peru's disappeared

The Economist, U.K., 4 March 2017

THE threat posed to Peru's democracy by the Shining Path, a leftist guerrilla army, has ended, but memories of the war it waged against the state in the 1980s and 1990s are still raw. Nearly 70,000 people died or disappeared during the conflict.


Cuba Kills Another Dissident

Mary Anastasia O'Grady, The Wall Street Journal, U.S., 5 March 2017

Score another kill for the Cuban military dictatorship: Last month it eliminated Afro-Cuban dissident Hamell Santiago Más Hernández, an inmate of one of its most notoriously brutal prisons.


Ecuadorean poll results hint at eviction for Assange: Presidential hopeful vows to oust WikiLeaks founder from embassy

Nick Miroff, Chicago Tribune, 5 March 2017

Lasso has pledged to evict Assange from Ecuador's Embassy in London if elected. Assange has lived there since 2012 under the protection of Ecuador's leftist President Rafael Correa, but Correa is ineligible to run for a third term.


Are US Anti-Crime Programs in Central America Working?

Mike LaSusa, Insight Crime, Columbia, 6 March 2017

Over the past several years, the United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on crime and violence prevention programs in Central America, with few evaluations of the impact of this investment.


Unemployment and the Informal Economy ? Key Challenges for Women in Latin America

Jose Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Inter Press Service, Italy, 6 March 2017

The participation of women in the labour market in Latin America and the Caribbean has steadily grown over the last few decades. But in 2017, as unemployment and informal work are on the rise, there is a continued need to push hard for gender equality in order to create more and better employment for the 255 million women of working age in this region.


Thousands of Argentine teachers strike in test for Macri's government

Reuters, U.K., 7 March 2017

Thousands of teachers took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday, delaying the first day of school for millions of children, as part of a two-day national strike demanding a wage increase to compensate for sky-high inflation last year.


Rio ne répond plus: JEUX OLYMPIQUES Soupçons de corruption

Lionel Pittet, Le Temps, Suisse, 8 mars 2017

Au Brésil, les installations construites ou rénovées en vue de l'échéance olympique dépérissent, tandis que l'héritage social de l'événement est contesté.

Guyana strikes it rich with huge oil discovery

Stephen Gibbs, The Times, U.K., 8 March 2017

The former British colony, the only English-speaking nation in mainland South America, looks set to become a significant oil producer after a consortium made a "world class" discovery of up to 1.4 billion barrels of oil in deep water off its eastern coast.


Bolivia Passes Controversial New Bill Expanding Legal Coca Production

Franz Chávez, Inter Press Service, Italy, 9 March 2017

A new bill in Bolivia, which will allow the amount of land allocated to producing coca to be increased from 12,000 to 22,000 hectares, modifying a nearly three-decade coca production policy, has led to warnings from independent voices and the opposition that the measure could fuel drug trafficking.


Deaths from Mexico's drug war soar

Kate Linthicum and S' Cecilia Sanchez, Chicago Tribune, U.S., 9 March 2017

One thing is clear: More than a decade after then-President Felipe Calderon launched a crusade against drug cartels -- dispatching tens of thousands of soldiers to battle gangs -- a drug war still rages, and the murder rate is once again rising rapidly.



Asia/Oceania - Asie/Océanie

'Open the doors': the Catholic churches hiding targets of Duterte?s drug war

Poppy McPherson, The Guardian, U.K., 28 February 2017

Despite the climate of fear in the Philippines, a growing number of churches have opened their network of safe houses to people at risk of being killed.


Sri Lanka: toujours pas de tribunal pour juger les crimes de la guerre civile

Sébastien Farcis, RFI, France, 3 mars 2017

Le Conseil des droits de l'homme a ouvert sa session annuelle cette semaine et l'un des importants dossiers discutés est la situation au Sri Lanka. Le pays sort d'une terrible guerre civile entre l'armée et les indépendantistes des Tigres tamouls, un conflit qui a duré pendant 26 ans et s'est terminé en 2009 dans un bain de sang, avec la mort d'environ 40 000 civils.


Women lead the way on a tour of northern India

Jane Dunford, The Guardian, U.K., 4 March 2017

Being shown the beauty and history of Old Delhi and Agra by women pushing back against traditional gender roles makes a trip to India all the more uplifting -- and a fitting salute to next week's International Women's Day* Women's tourism enterprises around the world


Pyeongtaek: A US base, Americana in rural South Korea

Steven Borowiec, Al Jazeera, Quatar, 4 March 2017

As it gears up to host a huge US overseas base, the city is a window on to fraught relations between locals and troops.


A bitter stalemate; Donald Trump and Afghanistan

The Economist, U.K., 4 March 2017

Barack Obama had tired of Afghanistan. What will his successor do?


Papua New Guinea Asks Energy Explorers: Can We Keep Some of Our Gas?

Dan Murtaugh, Perry Williams, The Bloomberg, U.S.A., 5 March 2017

Less than three years after it began sending one of its most precious resources overseas, Papua New Guinea?s future may be determined by how much of it stays at home.


Under the Radar: Sri Lanka?s drought threatens credit downgrade

Global Risk Insights, U.S.A., 5 March 2017

Sri Lanka?s ongoing drought is not only a humanitarian crisis, but also an economic one, as the country?s economy suffers on multiple fronts.


Indonesians keen to forge better terms of trade

Jewel Topsfield,Karuni Rompies, The Age, Australia, 6 March 2017

One of Indonesia's top trade officials has questioned whether "artificial" trade barriers are preventing Australia importing more palm oil, pulp and paper and wood products as the two countries negotiate a free trade deal to be concluded this year.


Hongkong-Singapour : Duel de cités au sommet

Florence de Changy, Le Monde, France, 6 février 2017

Ces fausses jumelles asiatiques, dont la rivalité est vive dans de nombreux domaines, incarnent deux modèles capitalistes opposés. Ultralibéral pour la ville chinoise ultradirigiste pour le micro-Etat.


Digital tool teaches Indian boys about gender equality

Shaifali Agrawal, Al Jazeera, Quatar, 5 March 2017

In Rajasthan, a social project employs audio stories accessed by mobile phones to talk about child marriage an puberty.


Reform and modernization in Kazakhstan

Pierre-Olivier Bussières, Global Risk Insights, U.S.A., 5 March 2017

This past January, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced an unprecedented shift of presidential power, followed by major economic reforms. This will be the first time the president of a post-soviet central Asian country willingly devolved so much power to the parliament.


North Korea fires several missiles into sea near Japan

Deutsche Welle, Germany, 5 March 2017

South Korea has claimed North Korea fired multiple missiles which flew about a thousand kilometers into the sea near the coast of Japan. The secretive state is banned by the UN from using missile technology.


China Warns of Arms Race After U.S. Deploys Missile Defense in South Korea

Gerry Mullany, Chris Buckley, Gerry Mullany, The New York Times, U.S.A., 8 March 2017

China has long opposed American missile defenses, in part because of fears that they might embolden American decision-makers to consider a first strike to destroy China's relatively small nuclear arsenal. Chinese strategists warn that the United States might consider such an attack if it was confident a defense system could intercept Chinese weapons that escaped destruction.


Quand le Japon flirte avec l'"illibéralisme"

Philippe Pons, Le Monde, France, 9 mars 2017

" Les pratiques illibérales dugouvernement Abe, souligne-t-il, entament les libertés constitutionnelles, encouragent le révisionnisme historique et cherchent à délégitimer les médias. En 2012, M. Abe a fait campagne sur le thème du "retour" du Japon préfigurant le slogan de Donald Trump "rendre sa grandeur à l'Amérique".


Malaysia and North Korea - a friendship on ice

Hoo Chiew-ping, BBC, U.K., 9 March 2017

North Korea and Malaysia have taken the extraordinary step of banning each other's citizens from leaving their countries in the fallout over the killing of Kim Jong-nam. Security expert Hoo Chiew-ping traces the history of this unusual relationship.




Kiev organise la cohabitation avec ses " territoires occupés "

Le Monde, France, 3 mars 2017

Constatant l'échec des accords de Minsk, les Ukrainiens se préparent à gérer dans la durée le conflit du Donbass.


A tale of two mayors; Populism in Italy

The Economist, U.K., 4 March 2017

The party's most senior governing officials are two mayors elected last June, Virginia Raggi in Rome (pictured at left), Italy's biggest city, and Chiara Appendino in Turin (pictured at right), its fourth-biggest. Their performances since could scarcely be more dissimilar.


May vows not to let the Union fall apart

Simon Johnson, The Daily Telegraph, U.K., 4 March 2017

THERESA MAY yesterday gave the clearest indication yet she is preparing for a second independence referendum as she pledged not to allow the Union between Scotland and England to "drift apart" thanks to Brexit.


France's next revolution; The French presidency

The Economist, U.K., 4 March 2017

IT HAS been many years since France last had a revolution, or even a serious attempt at reform. Stagnation, both political and economic, has been the hallmark of a country where little has changed for decades, even as power has rotated between the established parties of left and right.


Civil war in the Vatican as conservatives battle Francis for the soul of Catholicism

Catherine Pepinster, The Observer, U.K., 4 March 2017

While hugely popular across the globe with Catholics and non-Catholics alike, Francis has struggled against fierce opposition from the Vatican establishment to haul the Roman Catholic church into the 21st century.


Far-right firebrand Wilders hardens Dutch election mood

Bruno Waterfield, The Times, U.K., 4 March 2017

With 11 days to go to the Dutch elections, the far-right firebrand Geert Wilders is neck-and-neck with the prime minister and within touching distance of a victory that could cause political tremors across Europe.


Dark days for Turkish journalists

Roy Gutman, Los Angeles Times, U.S., 4 March 2017

Turkey has become the world's leading jailer of journalists as Erdogan works to strengthen his hold on power, according to international monitors.


Johnson insists landmark Russia visit will not lead to softer stance

Ben Riley-Smith, The Daily Telegraph, U.K., 5 March 2017

BORIS JOHNSON is to become the first foreign secretary to visit Russia in half a decade to pressure the Kremlin into abandoning its involvement in Syria and Ukraine.


Meanwhile, at Home in Russia

MARIA ANTONOVA, The New York Times, U.S., 5 March 2017

These days, Russia is projecting its power from Ukraine to Syria to Western Europe. The United States is roiled by allegations that the Kremlin meddled in the American presidential election and has had covert dealings with the Trump campaign.


Ireland: the forgotten frontier of Brexit

PETER FOSTER, The Daily Telegraph, U.K., 5 March 2017

The reality of Britain's coming separation from the European Union might sometimes feel like an abstract concept, but nowhere are the questions posed by Brexit more concrete than in the quilted farmlands around Ireland's north-south border.


As Europe closes borders, migrants are left on doorstep

Shashank Bengali, Los Angeles Times, U.S., 5 March 2017

This is where their flight from poverty and violence has ended, at least for now: at the doorstep to a Europe that is trying to shut the door on migrants.


Les candidats face au chômage de masse

Sarah Belouezzane et Bertrand Bissuel, Le Monde, France, 6 mars 2017

Pour des Français traumatisés par dix années de crise, directement touchés ou craignant de l'être, la question se pose de façon toujours aussi lancinante, alimentant le vote populiste : comment lutter efficacement contre le chômage de masse.


Macedonian protesters fear 'greater Albania' plans: Ethnic Albanians say proposals could finally end discrimination

Daniel McLaughlin, Irish Times, Ireland, 6 March 2017

A planned coalition between the Social Democrats and parties from Macedonia's Albanian community would boost the rights of the 25 per cent ethnic minority and the status of its language - reforms that critics from the Slav majority fear could fracture the state and the status quo of a fragile region.


The Netherlands' Justin Trudeau Won't Win ? But He Doesn't Have To

Fiona Zublin, OZY, U.S., 7 March 2017

Witness Jesse Klaver, wunderkind of the Dutch left, child of immigrants, who?s doing his damnedest to protect the environment.


Hungary Enacts Tough Measures Against Migrants

Drew Hinshaw, The Wall Street Journal, U.S., 8 March 2017

Hungary's parliament approved a plan to detain migrants in refurbished shipping containers until their asylum applications are decided, as the government stepped up efforts to close off one of the main corridors for migrants trying to reach Western Europe.



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