Accessibility at the Library of Parliament

Icons representing various forms of accessibility challenges (mobility, dexterity, cognitive, visual and hearing challenges).

Accessibility at the Library of Parliament



The Library of Parliament is committed to offering an inclusive and accessible environment for employees, clients and the public. To do so, the Library works closely with parliamentary partners and partners in the Government of Canada.

The Library is committed to providing equitable products and services that are accessible to the most diverse group of users possible, regardless of ability. We are actively working to remove accessibility barriers and gaps for employees, clients and the public in everything we do.

Accessibility plan

The Library of Parliament Accessibility Plan 2022–2025, published on 1 December 2022, is the Library’s first accessibility plan. It describes how the Library identifies and removes accessibility barriers in the areas of employment, the built environment, information and communication technologies, communication, the procurement of goods, services and facilities, the design and delivery of programs and services, and transportation and culture.

Progress report on the implementation of the accessibility plan

The first progress report on the implementation of the Library’s accessibility plan, published on 11 December 2023, describes the many initiatives we have undertaken to remove barriers and improve accessibility within our organization. These initiatives were carried out by various teams at the Library.

Feedback process

The Description of feedback process explains how the Library receives and handles feedback about accessibility.


To request these documents in alternate formats, simply complete the Accessibility Inquiries and Feedback form or send an email to

Accessibility in the Parliamentary Precinct

Guided Tours of Parliament

Visitors to Parliament can learn about accessibility, including accommodations and assistive services available for guided tours, by consulting the Plan Your Visit web page.

Web Accessibility


The Library is working towards Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA compliance. Our public websites are compatible with assistive technologies and work best on modern browsers. Additionally, the Library uses a variety of digital tools that meet the accessibility needs of our employees and our parliamentary and government partners.

The Library aims to go above and beyond leading accessibility standards such as WCAG by implementing Universal Accessibility (UA) best practices.


The Library’s public website draws information from many documents, publications and applications produced by various authors and third parties. As this may result in accessibility standards not always being met, the Library continues to work with partner organizations to improve the compliance of these documents, publications and applications.

Despite our ongoing efforts, some of our web content may not be fully accessible, including:

  • documents that may only be produced in PDF format;
  • scans of documents; and
  • pages with inconsistent designs, navigation or features.

Alternate formats of documents may be provided on request except where it is unfeasible to do so for technical or cost reasons. To request a document in an alternate format, complete the Accessibility Inquiries and Feedback Form or email

Electronic Form

Feedback can be shared (anonymously if desired).


Messages can include photos, videos, links, or other attachments as necessary.


A voicemail service is available: 613-947-7333 (Ottawa).
Toll free: 1-833-411-7845