Overview of the Library of Parliament

Speaker of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Commons Responsible for the direction and control of the Library of Parliament in accordance with the Parliament of Canada Act.

Standing Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament Composed of senators and of members of Parliament, this committee assists the Speakers in reviewing the effectiveness, management and operation of the Library.

Library of Parliament

Parliamentary LibrarianResponsible for overseeing the management of the Library, and has the status of a deputy head, reporting to the two Speakers.

The Office of the Parliamentary Librarian provides legal, communications and executive services to the Parliamentary Librarian and the organization, in addition to being the steward of the Parliamentary Poet Laureate.

Service areas
  • Research and Education Provides parliamentarians and their staff with research and analysis services and delivers visitor services as well as educational products and programs.

  • Information and Collection Provides parliamentarians and their staff with access to a comprehensive collection of print and digital resources as well as news from around the globe and historical information about Parliament.

  • Corporate Services Provides business support and services to the Library of Parliament.

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