Service Areas

The Library’s continuous improvement efforts flow from its ongoing commitment to deliver excellent service to parliamentarians and the public. Whether they are providing customized research for legislators or classroom materials for teachers, our employees work hard to ensure that Library information, research and analysis are always reliable, impartial and tailored to the needs of those we serve.

  • Customized research

    Library analysts respond to requests from individual parliamentarians and their staff with reliable, confidential research and analysis on any public policy topic. They also provide research and analysis support for parliamentary committees and associations. In addition, Library staff help parliamentary users find documents or check facts quickly, online, by phone or in person.

  • Curated information

    Research librarians and media-monitoring experts curate news and other relevant resources that are of interest to parliamentarians and their staff, evaluating, gathering and delivering the information and resources that best support their work.

  • Library collections

    The Library develops its specialized collection with parliamentary users in mind. Parliamentarians and their staff can access our e-collections from their offices or mobile devices. They can also request print titles and other items to support their work on Parliament Hill or in their constituencies. The Library also collects, curates, preserves and ensures access to historical information about Parliament.

  • Library branches

    The Library’s branches provide parliamentary users with comfortable areas for reading or researching. Our on-site research librarians can help parliamentarians and their staff plan research and use our collections.

  • Learning opportunities

    The Library offers seminars for parliamentarians and their staff on public policy, legislation and other topics. We provide them with online and in-person training related to Library resources and general orientation to Library services.

  • Public information service

    The Library’s information service fields general queries about the Parliament of Canada. Our staff answer questions about the role, history and work of Parliament, provide access to documents such as sessional papers, and direct Canadians to parliamentary offices and resources.

  • Public outreach

    The Library helps welcome visitors to Parliament with a variety of services, including guided tours. Our educational tools and programs support teachers across the country. Interactive websites and informative publications help young Canadians and the general public understand and engage with Parliament.