Former Parliamentary Librarian

Francis Aubrey Hardy

Parliamentary Librarian 1944 – 1959

Francis Aubrey Hardy was hired by the Library of Parliament after serving in the Canadian Expeditionary Force’s 2nd Division Cyclists during the First World War. A trained librarian, Mr. Hardy began working for the Library in 1919 and quickly became the right-hand man to Parliamentary Librarian Martin Burrell.

Born in Aldershot, England, Mr. Hardy was educated at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. He stayed in Ottawa after retiring and passed away in 1969.

Mr. Hardy was the Parliamentary Librarian when Newfoundland (now Newfoundland and Labrador) joined Confederation in 1949.

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Aldershot, England

Professional Background


Prime Ministers During Service

  • Rt. Hon. John Diefenbaker
  • Rt. Hon. Louis St-Laurent
  • Rt. Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King