Publication Types

The Library of Parliament’s research publications provide non-partisan, reliable and timely information on subjects that are relevant to parliamentarians and constituents. In them, you will find analysis of current and emerging key issues, legislation and major public policy topics.


HillNotes blog posts present authoritative information on current affairs and emerging issues in a format that’s easy to read while on the go.

In Briefs

In Briefs are short research papers that provide concise, non-partisan overviews on issues of relevance to parliamentarians.

Background Papers

Find historical background, current information and references in these in-depth studies of policy issues. 

Legislative Summaries

Consult Legislative Summaries for non-partisan, concise analyses of certain bills before Parliament. 

Trade and Investment profiles

For information on Canada’s trade and investment relationship with selected countries and regions, consult these fact sheets, whose focus is on bilateral merchandise trade, trade in services and foreign investment.