The Library of Parliament is a non-partisan organization providing stimulating and rewarding work. We recognize that our employees are our most important asset and, as such, we offer excellent benefits, four weeks’ vacation leave, learning opportunities to support professional and career development, competitive salaries, and more!

Business Support Services (BSS) provides support and services to the Library of Parliament in the areas of human resources, finance and materiel management, corporate planning, information technology, corporate communications, and publishing, editing and creative services.

We are currently looking for candidates to staff the following position: Desktop Publishing and Quality Assurance Officer.

The Desktop Publishing and Quality Assurance Officer is responsible for providing professional and timely desktop publishing and quality assurance services to Library of Parliament content owners to enable them to produce high-quality documents intended for internal users, parliamentary clients and the general public.

Desktop Publishing and Quality Assurance Officer

Publishing, Editing and Creative Services
Business Support Services

Anticipatory Position

CGS-5 ($55,639–$62,778)

For the purposes of this selection process, the competencies listed in the attached Competency Profile will be evaluated.

For the purposes of this selection process, the following knowledge criteria will be evaluated:

• Desktop publishing using MSWord (specifically word processing and formatting functions)

To be considered, candidates must have:

• Successful completion of post-secondary education
• Extensive experience using the Microsoft Office Suite 2010 or 2016, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and MS PowerPoint
• Experience with desktop publishing and formatting functions and their effective application in a publishing environment in order to ensure high-quality professional services
• Experience in proofreading texts in both official languages (comparison and grammar)
• Experience working in a high-volume production environment with shifting priorities where team work is essential to ensure timely and responsive service


• Experience with document management practices and a corporate electronic document and records management system, such as OpenText Content Server

Operational Requirements:

• Willing and able to work the assigned Desktop Publishing and Quality Assurance Officer schedule to ensure service during core hours of work – 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on a rotational basis
• Willing and able to work overtime during short, pre-established peak periods

Candidates retained in this selection process will be required to obtain:

• A successful second-language evaluation (Bilingual staffing – imperative: CCB/CCB)
• A successful pre-employment screening

Additional Information:

• This selection process is open to the public and to employees of the Library of Parliament, the Senate, the House
of Commons, the Office of the Senate Ethics Officer, the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics
Commissioner, the Parliamentary Protective Service, and the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.
• This selection process will include a second-language evaluation, a written qualifying exam and an interview. The
interview will consist of behavioural, situational and knowledge-based questions. Candidates will be required to
pass each stage in order to move to the next stage of the selection process.
• Qualified candidates from this selection process may be considered for determinate or indeterminate positions at
the Library of Parliament that require similar knowledge and/or competencies.
• Education and experience requirements will be used to determine which candidates will be asked to participate
in the next stage of the selection process.
• Satisfactory references and proof of education are essential conditions of appointment.
• Travel and relocation expenses are the responsibility of the candidates.
• The Library of Parliament is committed to employment equity.
• Preference will be given to Canadian citizens and to permanent residents who are legally able to work in Canada.
Applicants who have a valid work permit may also be considered.

Apply no later than  December 16, 2018 11:59 PM  Eastern Time.

Please quote  Staffing Process  18-LOP-61  and send us your C.V., along with a cover letter indicating how you meet each of the education and experience requirements of the position.

Send us your application:

By email:
By fax:

Questions? Contact Human Resources at 613-617-0943 or

We thank all those who apply. Please note that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted. 

Competency Profile for Communications – Officer


Adapting in order to work effectively in ambiguous or changing situations, and with diverse individuals and groups

Level 2: Adapts to situations.

• Changes own behaviour or approach to suit the situation.
• Adjusts rules or procedures, based on the situation, while remaining guided by the organization’s values.
• Adapts behaviour to perform effectively under changing or unclear conditions.


Providing service excellence to internal and/or external clients, addressing immediate and evolving client needs

Level 2: Maintains client contact.

• Follows up with clients during and after delivery of services to ensure that their needs have been met.
• Keeps clients up to date on the progress of the service they are receiving and changes that affect them.
• Maintains service to clients during critical periods.
• Addresses clients’ issues in order of priority.


Treating others fairly, honestly and respectfully, furthering the integrity of the organization and its relationships of trust within the work environment and in the broader community

Level 1: Acts in a fair and ethical manner toward others.

• Treats everyone equally with fairness, honesty and respect all the time.
• Refrains from behaviour or language that is exclusionary or offensive.
• Focuses on organizational success rather than personal gain.
• Follows through consistently on promises and commitments made to others.
• Presents facts and circumstances transparently, no matter how difficult the facts may be.
• Guards confidential and sensitive information, passing it on only to those that need to know.
• Maintains ethical principles even in the most challenging circumstances.


Working in a conscientious, consistent and thorough manner to ensure accuracy and the quality of work products and services delivered

Level 3: Demonstrates concern for thoroughness and accuracy.

• Identifies multiple sources of and approaches to information to ensure that details are addressed.
• Reviews the work of others for accuracy and thoroughness.
• Follows up to ensure tasks are completed and commitments are met by others.
• Verifies that work has been done according to procedures and standards.


Communicating clearly and respectfully with different audiences, both orally and in writing

Level 2: Facilitates two-way communication.

• Recalls others’ main points, taking them into account in own communication.
• Checks own understanding of others’ communication (e.g., paraphrases, asks questions).
• Elicits comments or feedback on what has been communicated.
• Maintains continuous, open and consistent communication with others.
• Writes straightforward documents (e.g., meeting summaries, instructions) that are logical and comprehensive, while remaining concise.


Understanding and applying technical and functional knowledge and skills to accomplish work objectives, while keeping up to date with new developments in the subject area and continuing to enhance skills

Level 3: Demonstrates intermediate knowledge and ability.

• Follows standard procedures, where applicable, for common tasks.
• Applies technical and functional knowledge and skills in a range of typical situations, with minimal or no guidance.
• Seeks support and guidance from superiors when encountering novel or more complex situations.


Working collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals.

Level 2: Proactively assists and involves others.

• Initiates collaboration with others.
• Assumes additional responsibilities to facilitate the achievement of team goals.
• Seeks input from other team members on matters that affect them.
• Provides input to other team members as needed.


Implementing procedures and standards to ensure high-quality results, and taking action to identify or manage quality issues, as appropriate

Level 2: Consistently meets quality standards set by the organization.

• Answers basic questions related to policies and procedures for quality assurance set by the organization.
• Exemplifies quality standards set by the organization.
• Seeks opportunities to improve how work is done, raising the quality of the output.


Staying energized, productive and focused in the face of challenges, ambiguity, change or strenuous demands, and creating a supportive environment that helps others become more resilient and productive

Level 3: Adapts to ongoing or regular strenuous work demands.

• Retains perspective in the face of difficult or demanding situations (pervasive ambiguity, frequent change, heavy workloads).
• Describes disruptions as challenges rather than threats.
• Adjusts personal coping mechanisms to deal with disruptions.