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Agriculture, environment, fisheries and natural resources

Includes subjects related to agriculture (including animal and crop production, farms and livestock), environment (including climate change, sustainable development and wildlife), fisheries, water resources, natural resources (including forests and mining) and energy (including renewable energy).

Arts, culture and entertainment

Includes subjects related to the arts, heritage, Canadian history, cultural events, national ceremonies, national symbols, sports and recreation.

Business, industry and trade

Includes subjects related to businesses, business practices and regulations, consumer protection, industry, transportation, infrastructure, domestic trade and international trade.

Economics and finance

Includes subjects related to economic development, income, markets, tariffs, taxation, investments, banking, financial markets, personal finance, pensions, public finance and international finance.

Education, language and training

Includes subjects related to education (including post-secondary education), vocational training, literacy, languages, linguistic diversity and official languages.

Employment and labour

Includes subjects related to the labour market, unemployment, labour relations, occupational safety, employment equity, personnel management and professional development.

Government, Parliament and politics

Includes subjects related to government and public administration, policy, the Constitution, Parliament, the Senate, the House of Commons, the Library of Parliament, political movements and doctrines, political parties and elections.

Health and safety

Includes subjects related to healthy living, diseases, maternal and child health, disabilities, mental health, medical research, organ donation, palliative care, food safety, drug safety, public safety, emergency services and emergency preparedness.

Indigenous Affairs

Includes subjects related to Indigenous peoples, such as policy, governance, treaty rights, self-government, comprehensive land claims, specific claims, and Aboriginal title.

Information and communications

Includes subjects related to telecommunications, media, social media, metadata and data protection.

International affairs and defence

Includes subjects related to international relations, international development and aid, embassies and consulates, military operations, peacekeeping, national security, defence procurement, arms control, gun control and armed forces.

Law, justice and rights

Includes subjects related to the administration of justice, international law, crime, prisons and human rights.

Science and technology

Includes subjects related to pure and applied science, research and development, computers and technology.

Social affairs and population

Includes subjects related to social issues, multiculturalism, citizenship, family, immigration, community development, housing, social security, social services, the status of women and demographics.

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