Make sure you are ready to run the simulation. Consult the checklist before you begin the MPU.

A bill has been chosen for the simulation.
Students have been assigned to groups and roles.
The Mace, tricorn hats and black cloaks have been made for the Royal Assent ceremony, if desired.
The Rules and Decorum have been reviewed with the class (these can be reviewed at any point prior to the simulation).
Scripts have been reviewed for the parts of the parliamentary day that your class will be simulating.
Names of the students who will play each role have been filled in in the appropriate places in the scripts.
Non-student role players (i.e., guest teachers or the principal, acting as Speaker, Sergeant-at-Arms, etc.) have been instructed as to the duties they must perform (and have received their appropriate role descriptions).
Procedure for the parade at the start of the simulation has been reviewed.
Name cards have been created for each role player.