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*Some information in this publication is out of date following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.*

Model Parliament in Your Classroom

Transform your classroom into a model Parliament with this easy-to-use resource. Students in grades 7 and up will discover the complex work of the Senate and the House of Commons by playing the roles of Canada’s parliamentarians. Whether you have one class period available or an entire semester, this resource provides a rich learning opportunity for young people to understand their Parliament.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Learn about the legislative process
  • Develop research, presentation, and teamwork skills
  • Reflect on how Parliament affects the lives of Canadians

Planning the Simulation: Options

There are three options for running the model Parliament, depending on the class time available. Each one includes background lessons, notes and scripts, and follow-up activities.
Choose the option that works best for your class (based on a 75-minute class period):