This activity will allow students to present their diverse topics of interest.

Additional Materials


About 20 minutes (plus homework)

Who's Involved


Government, opposition and independent Senators

House of Commons:

Government, opposition and independent MPs

What It Is

During Statements, Senators and MPs have the opportunity to speak briefly on a subject of particular interest to them. The subject may be of international, national, provincial/territorial or local concern.

What You Need to Do

  1. As a group, pick one person to represent a province, territory or region. This person should not be a member of the Cabinet or shadow cabinet, or a whip.
  2. With your group, look on to find recent statements from your chosen province/territory, region or constituency. You can find them under “Latest Debates” for each Chamber. Write a short summary of one of the statements.
  3. Prepare a one-minute statement on a topic that is important to the chosen province/territory, region or constituency. Your group representative will present the statement.
  4. Read through the script "Statements by Parliamentarians."