Parliamentary Scavenger Hunt

Parliament influences many aspects of our lives. The daily news reflects this influence in news stories, editorials, advertising, and cartoons.


Look through various news sources to find examples of the following items:

  • The name or photo of the Governor General of Canada
  • The name or photo of the Prime Minister of Canada
  • A Canadian symbol
  • A movie advertisement showing government regulation
  • A cartoon depicting a politician’s decision
  • A cartoon that represents any form of government activity
  • A quote from a federal politician
  • An advertisement for a government job
  • An article or chart concerning the Canadian dollar
  • A letter to the editor concerning government
  • A Canadian political column
  • The name of a Senator
  • The name of a Cabinet Minister and his or her portfolio
  • The names of four Canadian federal politicians
  • An article about new or proposed legislation
  • The name of a journalist who writes about government affairs
  • A legal tender advertisement from a government agency
  • A headline that connects the federal government and the business community
  • An item that connects the federal government with banking


Is there any part of the news that does not reflect Parliament’s influence in our lives?

Why might your findings differ from one day to the next?

Discuss your findings with the class.