Serving Canadians

One of the many roles of a parliamentarian is to stay connected with Canadians from their constituency or province/territory. Local news sources allow them to keep abreast of the issues, challenges, and events of their regions.


Imagine that you are a Senator representing a region (province/territory) or an MP from any constituency across Canada of your choosing. You work in Ottawa during the week. A good way to keep in touch with events in your constituency or province/territory is by reading your local daily news.


Identify the issues and events in today’s news that would be of interest to or impact the people you represent. These issues and events could be national, provincial/territorial, or local, and include everything from toxic spills to 75th wedding anniversary announcements.


Choose three issues or events from your list, and determine why they might interest people in your constituency or province/territory and what you can do to best serve them.