Advising the Government

From time to time, the federal government forms task forces to investigate and report on issues of national importance. Members are chosen to participate from many regions of Canada, with a variety of backgrounds and interests.


Look through news sources and identify an issue that is of concern to you as a Canadian. This could be related to agriculture, the environment, human rights, national security, or federal taxation, to name a few.


It is your job to put together a task force of people representing different interest groups who will attempt to recommend a solution to the issue.

Choose six to ten people who you think could serve on this task force. Try to diversify your group. Consider including some of the following:

  • An entertainer
  • A prominent business leader
  • A federal politician
  • A person from a lobby/interest group
  • A sports figure
  • A local personality
  • A person under 20 years old
  • An environmentalist
  • An educator


In chart form, indicate the individuals' names, positions, the groups they represent, and why you think they are good candidates to serve on your task force.