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Symbols Tour at Parliament

Available from September to April

A visit to Parliament can help your class build on the activities from this Web site to make connections between Canadian symbols and Canada’s Parliament.

Tour Information

Searching for Symbols is a curriculum-based, interactive tour that examines symbols and where they are found at Canada’s Parliament. Specially designed for Grades 1 to 3 (primary cycles 1 and 2 in Quebec), this on-site tour is an excellent complement to a unit on Canadian symbols, citizenship and heritage.

Students will:

  • Learn the definition of a symbol
  • Play the role of detective on tour
  • Use clues and images to find various symbols in the Centre Block
  • Discuss symbols and their significance to Canada
  • Identify other important symbols in their lives

Tour Overview

  • Theme: Canadian Symbols at Parliament
  • Grade Level(s): 1 to 3 (primary cycles 1 and 2 in Quebec)
  • Curriculum Links: Canadian traditions, symbols, heritage and citizenship
  • Length of Tour: 20 - 45 minutes (varies depending on parliamentary activity)
  • Cost: Free

What will my students learn on this tour?

After the tour, your students will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the meaning of a symbol
  • Describe what symbols tell us about ourselves and our country
  • Identify symbols at Parliament and how they represent Canadians and Canada as a whole
  • Describe why symbols are important to people, groups and countries

How can I help prepare my students for the Searching for Symbols tour?

  • Introduce your students to concepts associated with government and nationhood.
  • These concepts include:

    • Nation, identity, citizenship and belonging
    • Elections and voting
    • Community helpers, leadership
  • Introduce your students to the concept of a symbol through activities such as:
    • Identifying personal symbols
    • Identifying school symbols and local community symbols
    • Identifying sports symbols (local or professional teams, Olympic symbol)
    • Learning about provincial or national symbols

Where can I find specific information about booking a tour of Parliament for my class?