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Post Activities

Create Your Own Symbol

  1. Have students create a symbol that represents who they are. This could be in the format of:
    • A drawing
    • A coat of arms
    • 3-D art
  2. Ask students to create a new national symbol. What would they choose and why?

Symbols Mural

As a class, create a wall mural with individual symbols pieced together. The symbols can represent things specific to your class or school.

Let's Read!

Explore myths and legends from other cultures and civilizations. Compare and contrast them with Canadian myths and legends. Discuss the importance of symbols to all cultures, and how these symbols are represented in the myths and legends.

Musically Speaking

  • listen to and sing the "Unicorn Song"
  • listen to and sing "Going on a Lion Hunt"

Find out more...

Invite a Senator or an MP to visit your class to talk about:

  • what it is like to work in Parliament
  • what it is like to travel back and forth to Ottawa each week
  • what it is like to represent Canadians

In preparation for the visit, ask your students to prepare questions for their guest.

To contact a Senator from your region, search the Senate directory.

To contact your local MP, search the House of Commons directory.

Time Capsule

  1. If archaeologists discovered the Parliament Buildings in 100 years' time, what would they have to say about them? Imagine that you have just unearthed a symbol at Parliament. Write a story on your findings.
  2. Make a time capsule containing important and symbolic objects. Bury it on the school property to be unearthed in a few years at graduation.