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Name That Symbol

Carved Face
Question 1

What job does this character have?

  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Miner
  • Blacksmith


This is a miner

Did you know?

The carving represents the mining industry of Northern Ontario.

Carved bird
Question 2

What bird is pictured here?

  • An owl
  • An eagle
  • A puffin
  • A chicken


This is an owl.

Did you know?

While a group of fish is called a “school of fish”, a group of owls is called a “Parliament of owls”.

Painted tile with leaves
Question 3

What kind of tree do these leaves come from?

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Ash
  • Maple


These leaves come from the maple tree.

Did you know?

The red maple leaf flag became the National Flag of Canada in 1965.

Painted tile with instrument
Question 4

What is this musical instrument called?

  • A harp
  • A lute
  • A guitar
  • A trombone


This instrument is called a harp.

Did you know?

The harp represents Canada’s historical ties to Ireland.

Intricate metal object
Question 5

What is this object?

  • A crown
  • A mace
  • A sceptre
  • A throne


This is the House of Commons mace. It is an important symbol of power and authority.

Did you know?

The Senate and House of Commons each have their own mace.


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