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Guide to the Canadian House of Commons

The Canadian Parliament

Who's Who in the House

A Working Day in the Commons Chamber

Parliamentary Highlights

Making Canada's Laws

The Role of a Member of Parliament

Being Part of Parliament

Being Part of Parliament

The House of Commons provides a link between Canadians and their Parliament. The people we elect to represent us — farmers, teachers, lawyers, businesspeople and others — bring their ideas and experience to bear on their work. Members make a difference by creating laws and helping their constituents with problems. They work within the structure of Parliament and their parties to make decisions in the interest of Canada. We may or may not like what they do. The system gives us the chance to show our approval or displeasure at every federal election.

Electing Members of Parliament gives Canadians a voice in the affairs of our country and in holding the government to account for its actions. When we vote, when we tell our Member of Parliament what we are thinking, or when we ask questions about the system, we help the system to be stronger and serve us better.

Finding Out More

For more information about Parliament and the House of Commons, contact:

Information Service
Parliament of Canada

     Toll-free: 1-866-599-4999
     National Capital Region: 613-992-4793

To watch the House of Commons in session, visit ParlVu.