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Guide to the Canadian House of Commons

The Canadian Parliament

Who's Who in the House

A Working Day in the Commons Chamber

Parliamentary Highlights

Making Canada's Laws

The Role of a Member of Parliament

Being Part of Parliament

Parliamentary Highlights

Throne Speech

When a session of Parliament opens, the House of Commons is invited to the Senate Chamber to hear the Speech from the Throne. The speech sets out the government's proposed legislative agenda — the policies and bills it plans to introduce during the session. It is read by the Governor General or sometimes the Queen.

Budget Speech

Each year, the Minister of Finance makes a statement known as the Budget Speech. It details the government's economic policy and its plans for collecting and spending public money.

Royal Assent

A bill must receive Royal Assent before it can become law. Usually, the Governor General or one of his or her deputies (the Chief Justice of Canada, other justices of the Supreme Court of Canada or senior officials in the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General) gives Royal Assent to a bill in writing. However, at least twice a year, Royal Assent must be given in a ceremony held in the Senate Chamber with Senators and Members of Parliament present.

Photo of the Peace Tower

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