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The Speakers of the Canadian House of Commons


“House of Commons” from the British North America Act series in the House of Commons Chamber at Centre Block. The Speaker is represented by the seated middle figure.

About this publication

The Speakers of the Canadian House of Commons contains information from a variety of sources, both historical and contemporary. This publication does not attempt to provide exhaustive biographical information about each Speaker, but rather seeks to shed light on the tenure of each individual who has served as Speaker of the House of Commons in Canada.

For simplicity, the political affiliations associated with each Speaker are identified using broad terms. As such, “Liberal” indicates a member of the Liberal, Laurier Liberal, or Liberal Progressive parties; “Conservative” indicates a member of the Conservative, Liberal Conservative, Unionist, National Liberal and Conservative, National Conservative, National Government, or Progressive Conservative parties.

The occupation(s) identified for each Speaker only include the field of his or her primary work. Titles following the Speakers’ names reflect their lifetime achievements. Thus, an individual who became a member of the Privy Council or Governor General after his or her tenure as Speaker is referred to as “the Honourable” or “the Right Honourable,” even though these titles were not held during his or her Speakership.

For the purpose of this publication, a Speaker is considered to remain in office until a new Speaker is elected; therefore, during a dissolution, a Speaker continues to hold his/her position until the new Parliament elects a new Speaker. There are, however, certain gaps in time due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or death.