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The Speakers of the Canadian House of Commons


Hon. Andrew Scheer
B.A. (2011–2015)

Two weeks after his 32nd birthday, Andrew Scheer was elected Speaker of the House of Commons, the youngest person ever to hold the office. Scheer brought considerable experience to the position, having served as one of three Deputy Speakers since 2006 and as Chair of the Committees of the Whole since 2008.

While at university, Scheer worked on Parliament Hill, in the office of the Leader of the Opposition. Moving to Saskatchewan, he completed his education at the University of Regina. He was first elected to the House of Commons in 2004, at the age of 25.

Scheer was one of eight candidates for the Speakership on June 2, 2011. In his address to parliamentarians prior to the vote, he highlighted the need to improve the decorum of the House of Commons, referring to the "toxic" climate of the House in years past. He won on the sixth ballot. His affability and experience were seen as important, and he promised to employ a mixture of diplomacy and assertiveness to set the tone for the House.

During his term, Scheer worked with the Board of Internal Economy to modernize public disclosure of Members’ expenditures and to ensure that they would be published in a timely fashion.

After the end of his term as Speaker, Scheer was named Official Opposition House Leader.

Andrew Scheer was the first MP from Saskatchewan to be Speaker of the House of Commons.

Next Speaker: Hon. Geoff Regan

Previous Speaker: Hon. Peter Andrew Stewart Milliken

Artist: Juan Martinez
Date: 2018

Born: Ottawa, Ontario, 1979

Professional Background: Insurance

Political Affiliation: Conservative

Political Record:

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