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Class Sets

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To order a class set of any of the following publications, please indicate the quantity and language (if required) below.

Our Country, Our Parliament

Explore Canada’s Parliament and learn more about democratic government.

Level: Junior/Intermediate or ESL/FSL

Access the online version >

How Canadians Govern Themselves

A detailed resource on Parliament, law-making, governance and democracy.

Level: Intermediate/Senior

Access the online version >

At Work in the Senate

A colourful pamphlet that shows the layout of the Senate Chamber.

Level: Junior/Intermediate

At Work in the House of Commons

A colourful pamphlet that shows the layout of the House of Commons.

Level: Junior/Intermediate

Get to Know the House of Commons

An introduction to the duties and roles of the House of Commons in Canadian politics.

Level: Junior/Intermediate

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Please re-use these materials. Please help safeguard our natural resources and our environment. We ask that you take care of these materials and keep them for future use by other students.