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Canadian Parliamentary Historical Resources Portal - known issues

The Canadian Parliamentary Historical Resources portal aims to provide access to documents that were not previously available in digital format. Its multiple functionalities allow users to perform efficient searching and browsing of the content. We are pleased to report that all 90+ years of historical Debates and Journals are available on the portal and there should be no missing content.

Nevertheless, as this is a mass digitization project (the site comprises more than 2.2 million pages), the content on the portal was loaded using automated processes in order to keep costs manageable – thus very few modifications were made to them. The Debates and Journals are also highly complex publications that evolved over the years which impacted the predictability that is necessary to batch process the content with a 100% accuracy rate.

Even though a rigorous quality assurance process was performed prior to publication, users might notice minor errors that can be categorized as follows:

  • Volumes mislabelled

    • You might find a volume labelled with an inaccurate volume number or publication date, but these would nonetheless be located in their correct parliament and session.
  • Volumes mislabelled as indexes

    • Some volumes are wrongly labelled “Index”, when in fact they are regular volumes that may contain an index.
  • Volumes in the wrong place

    • In some very rare cases, volumes might appear in the wrong parliament and/or session.

Developers are currently working on progressively resolving these issues. Users are welcome to report any difficulties they are experiencing with the portal. Your help in improving the quality of the Canadian Parliamentary Historical Resources portal is invaluable to us. Please direct any questions or comment here.

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