How a Bill Becomes a Law

This lesson aims to provide students with an understanding of how laws are made in Parliament through the legislative process.


Students will identify and describe the steps in making a law, from a bill's introduction in the Senate or the House of Commons to its receiving Royal Assent.


50–70 minutes

Option 1: Bill on the Hill – Online Activity


Direct students to work through the Bill on the Hill activity to learn how a bill becomes a law passed by Parliament.

Option 2: How a Bill Becomes a Law – Paper Activity

(Best Suited to Advanced learners completing the Enriched Simulation)

Materials Required

  • copies of the blank flow chart
  • overhead projector
  • completed flow chart for teacher's reference
  • copies of “How a Bill Becomes a Law”
  • Teacher Notes: Types of Amendments


  1. Provide students with a copy of the blank flow chart. Display a copy on an overhead projector or smart board.
  2. Distribute the “How a Bill Becomes a Law” handout, which describes each of the stages involved.
  3. Proceeding one section at a time, read the document and lead a discussion based on the questions provided. Encourage students to ask questions. Model to students on the overhead how their flow charts should be completed.
  4. There may not be enough time in class to ask all discussion questions. Some questions may be assigned as homework or group work.


  • Class discussions or writing activities should address the following question:
    What are the benefits and drawbacks of having so many steps in the legislative process?
  • The test bank of questions can be used to create a summative assessment tool.