Who's Who in Parliament?

This lesson aims to familiarize students with the different roles occupied by people in Parliament and how they influence the legislative process.


Students work in pairs to identify and describe key roles in Parliament.


50–70 minutes

Materials Required

  • blackboard or flipchart for brainstorming
  • copies of “Who's Who in Parliament?”
  • copies of “Role Descriptions” (one set for each pair of students)


  1. Brainstorm with the class a list of key roles in Parliament. Provide clues as necessary (for example, "the person in charge of a government department").
  2. Add to the list the key roles they have missed. Be sure to include: Governor General, Speaker, Prime Minister, Senator, Cabinet Minister, Member of Parliament, Leader of the Official Opposition, Committee Chair, and Clerk
  3. Have students work in pairs to complete the “Who's Who in Parliament?” handout. They may also need a copy of the “Role Descriptions” for reference.
  4. While taking up the answers (key below), lead a discussion about the various roles and encourage students to ask questions about aspects they do not understand.

Answer Key

  1. Committee Chair
  2. Minister
  3. Prime Minister
  4. Clerk of the Senate
  5. Sergeant-at-Arms
  6. Speaker of the Senate
  7. Speaker of the House of Commons
  8. Member of Parliament (MP)
  9. Leader of the Official Opposition
  10. Senator


A quiz on the roles of parliamentarians and parliamentary officers could be given here