Speaker of the Senate

In the simulation, you will:

  • participate in the parade that opens each sitting of the Senate
  • chair the sitting by:
    • calling each activity as it arises
    • recognizing Senators who rise to present documents and speeches
    • calling on Senators to pose questions during Oral Questions
    • recognizing Government Senators who rise to answer questions
    • deciding whether or not an emergency debate will be allowed
    • As Speaker, you are the impartial referee of the Senate. You preside over sittings, ensuring that business is conducted in an orderly fashion and that the Rules of the Senate are respected. You oversee debates and votes, but very rarely participate. Whether you are dealing with a member of the Government or a member of the opposition, you must remain neutral and fair at all times.

You also have ceremonial and administrative duties, and you are often responsible for representing the Senate in Canada and abroad. You may be asked to deal with the House of Commons, the Governor General, foreign diplomats and governments, or provincial or territorial legislatures.

You were appointed by the Governor General, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.