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Classroom activities

Parliament: The Classroom Experience

Program suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.

This unique program will allow you to order a Virtual Reality Classroom Kit and transport your students into the heart of Canadian democracy.

8 to 12|QC Secondary II to CEGEP

Searching for Symbols >

This resource explains the history and significance of symbols found at Canada’s Parliament.

K to 3|QC Primary cycles 1 + 2

Bill on the Hill >

Learn about the legislative process as you follow “Bill” on his journey to become a law.

4 to 6|QC Primary cycles 2 + 3
May be adapted up to Grades 10 to 11|QC Secondary cycle 5

A Parliamentary Committee Simulation >

Act the part, analyze the legislation! This simulation activity allows students to propose and amend a mock bill in a committee setting.

4 to 6 and 9 to 11|QC Primary cycles 2 + 3 and Secondary cycles 1 + 2

Setting the Agenda >

This activity enables students to experience a typical day in the life of a Senator or MP and understand some decisions parliamentarians must make when balancing many duties and activities.

6 to 10|QC Primary cycle 3 to Secondary cycle 2

Parliament in the News >

This resource uses news sources to familiarize students with different aspects of the Canadian parliamentary system.

7 to 12|QC Secondary cycles 1 + 2 and CEGEP

Discover How Canadians Govern Themselves >

Use this comprehensive interactive resource on Canada’s system of government to teach your students about Parliament, law-making, governance and democracy.

8 to 12|QC Secondary cycles 1 + 2 and CEGEP

Explore Our Country, Our Parliament >

Explore Canada’s Parliament and democracy using this comprehensive resource that includes interactive puzzles, trivia, video and images.

5 to 8, ESL and FSL students 9 to 12|QC Primary Cycle 3, Secondary cycles 1 + 2 and CEGEP

Model Parliament Unit >

Transform your classroom into a parliamentary chamber. This comprehensive simulation resource includes procedural information, background lessons, student activities and scripts to enable students to accurately simulate a day in Canada's Parliament. A variety of assessment resources and marking grids are also provided.

10 to 12|QC Secondary cycles 1 + 2 and CEGEP