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History of Federal Ridings since 1867

MARKHAM--THORNHILL, Ontario (2015 - )

See:MARKHAM--UNIONVILLE (Ontario)(2004 - )
THORNHILL (Ontario)(1997 - )

Representation Order, 2013 (SI/2013-102)

Consisting of that part of the Regional Municipality of York comprised of that part of the Town of Markham described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the southerly limit of said town with Bayview Avenue; thence generally northerly along said avenue to Highway No. 407; thence easterly along said highway to the Rouge River; thence generally southeasterly along said river to the southerly limit of said town; thence westerly along said limit to the point of commencement.

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
42 2015/10/19 MCCALLUM, John Parliamentarian  23,878 55.72% Lib. 
EASOW, Jobson Self-employed  13,849 32.31% C.P.C. 
CHELLIAH, Senthi Publisher  4,595 10.72% N.D.P. 
RUSSELL, Joshua Rescue guide  535 1.25% G.P. 

By-Election:   Resignation of John McCallum, 1-2-2017

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
2017/04/03 NG, Mary Political advisor  9,881 51.36% Lib. 
PARANCHOTHY, Ragavan Broadcaster  7,501 38.99% C.P.C. 
HINES, Gregory Upport worker/business owner  671 3.49% N.D.P. 
BAXTER, Dorian Clergyman  566 2.94% PC 
BERGMANN, Caryn Quality assurance associate  426 2.21% G.P. 
REILLY, Brendan Thomas Model system designer  118 0.61% Libert. 
ZNONEOFTHE, Above Customer service/innovator  77 0.40% Ind. 

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