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Substantive Committee Reports

Parliamentary Committees report on a variety of subjects. Their reports generally fall into one of three broad categories:   ?

  1. Administrative: reports on committee membership, expenses, requests, and budgetary approvals;
  2. Legislative: reports on bills;
  3. Substantive: reports on special or major topics.

This compilation lists the substantive reports of the committees of the Senate and the House of Commons, and the interim and final reports of special committees from 1867 to the current Parliament.

It provides the following information:

  • the name of the Chair responsible for the report;
  • the date a special committee was created, or the date of reference to a standing committee;
  • the subject of reference;
  • the date of substantive reports and their title if applicable.

Note: Material is compiled from the Journals and Debates of the Senate and the House of Commons and Proceedings of the various committees.