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Governors General

Lists Canada’s governors general since 1867

Prime Ministers of Canada

Lists Canada’s prime ministers since 1867

Leadership of the Prime Minister's Office

Lists the senior staff of the Prime Minister’s Office since 1867

Leaders of the Official Opposition

Lists all the leaders of the Official Opposition since 1867


Lists search criteria for biographical information on all Parliamentarians since 1867 that can be used to create and configure data tables

Parliamentary Committee Membership

Lists the members of parliamentary committees since 1867

Indemnities, Salaries and Allowances

Lists the indemnities, salaries and allowances of the Governor General, senators and members of the House of Commons since 1867

Senators appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister

Lists the senators appointed on the advice of each prime minister

Size of Ministries

Lists the number of ministers and ministers of state for each Parliament since 1867

Officers and Officials of Parliament

Lists the political and non-political officers and senior officials responsible to one or both Houses of Parliament

Visiting Dignitaries

Lists the visiting dignitaries who have addressed joint sessions of Parliament