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Governors General

This section offers a complete listing of Governors General since Confederation, along with the dates of their appointment and swearing in.

Prime Ministers of Canada

This section lists Canada’s Prime Ministers, showing the variety of life experiences they have brought to the job. When available, a bibliography of selected publications for each Prime Minister is also included.

Leadership of the Prime Minister's Office

This section lists the senior staff members of the Prime Minister’s Office since 1867.

Leaders of the Official Opposition

This section provides information about Members of Parliament who led the political party (or coalition of parties) that held the second largest number of seats in the House of Commons.


This section focuses on the parliamentary work and other biographical information of each parliamentarian who held a seat in the Senate or the House of Commons from 1867 to today.

Parliamentary Committee Membership

This section lists the members of parliamentary committees since 1867. 

Indemnities, Salaries and Allowances

This section lists the indemnities, salaries and allowances of the Governor General, Senators and Members of the House of Commons in various roles since 1867.

Size of Ministries

This section lists the number of ministers and, where applicable, ministers of state since 1867.

Officers and Officials of Parliament

A complete collection of information on the officer positions responsible to one or both Houses of Parliament for the carrying out of duties assigned by statute, such as the Auditor General, the Chief Electoral Officer or the Commissioner of Official Languages.

Visiting Dignitaries

A compilation of visiting dignitaries who have addressed Parliament.