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Political Parties and Leaders

Registered Political Parties


Canada’s political and electoral system is organized on the basis of political groups, each of which presents its policies and candidates to the electorate. The party system emerged in Canada during the nineteenth century. Political parties register with Elections Canada, and play a role in the parliamentary process if they have more than a minimum number of members in the House of Commons or Senate.


Party Name Date Founded Last Official Leader
Alliance of the North 2015-09-14 Bélanger, François
Animal Protection Party of Canada 2016-11-24 White, Liz
Bloc Québécois 1991-06-15 Blanchet, Yves-François
Christian Heritage Party of Canada 1987 Taylor, Rod
Communist Party of Canada 1921-06 Rowley, Liz
Conservative Party of Canada 2003-12-07 Scheer, Andrew
Green Party of Canada 1983-08 May, Elizabeth
Liberal Party of Canada 1867 Trudeau, Justin
Sworn in as Prime Minister on November 4, 2015.
Libertarian Party of Canada 1973-07-07 Moen, Tim
Marijuana Party 2000-02 Longley, Blair T.
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada 1970-03-31 Di Carlo, Anna
National Citizens Alliance of Canada 2019-01-30 Garvey, Stephen
New Democratic Party 1961-08-03 Singh, Jagmeet
People's Party of Canada 2019-01-17 Bernier, Maxime
Progressive Canadian Party 2004-03-29 Hueglin, Joseph Fred (acting)
Rhinoceros Party 2006-05-21 Côrriveau, Sébastien

Deregistered Political Parties

Party Name Registered Deregistered Last Official Leader
Canada Party 2015-09-15   Pankiw, Jim
Canadian Action Party 1997-05-13   Arney, Jeremy (acting)
Democratic Advancement Party of Canada 2014   Garvey, Stephen
First Peoples National Party of Canada 2004-04   Morin, William (acting)
National Advancement Party of Canada 2014   Garvey, Stephen
Natural Law Party of Canada 1992   Paterson, Neil
Newfoundland and Labrador First Party 2004-11-05   Bennett, Wayne Ronald
Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency 2012-11-05   Nicula, Michael
People's Political Power Party of Canada 2006-04-25   Everett, Anna-Maria
Pirate Party of Canada 2009-06-01   Roderick , Lim
Seniors Party of Canada 2014-01-01   Fairbairn, James N.
Strength in Democracy 2014-10-21   Fortin, Jean-François
The Bridge Party of Canada 2015-04-29   Berlin, David
United Party of Canada 2010   Jedan, Brian
Western Block Party 2005-06-24   St. Laurent, Paul (acting)
Work Less Party 2005-06-24   Schmidt, Conrad

Former Political Parties

Political Party Date Founded Date Folded Last Official Leader
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada 2005-08-02 2016-11-23 White, Liz
Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance 2000-03-27 2003 Harper, Stephen
Last leader of the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance until the party fully merged with the Progressive Conservative Party in January 2004.
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 1932-08-01 1961-08-02 Argue, Hazen Robert
Elected leader of the C.C.F. without contest, on August 11, 1960, at the national convention held in Regina.
Resigned from the New Democratic Party on February 20, 1962 and later joined the Liberal Party.
Conservative (1867-1942) 1867 1942-12 Meighen, Arthur
Liberal-Conservative 1867 1942 Thompson, John Sparrow David
Progressive Conservative Democratic Representative Coalition 2001-09-10 2002-04-09 Clark, Charles Joseph
Progressive Conservative Party 1942 2003-12-06 MacKay, Peter Gordon
Reconstruction Party 1935-10 1938 Stevens, Henry Herbert
Founding member
Reform Party of Canada 1987-11-01 2000-03 Manning, Ernest Preston
Social Credit Party of Canada 1935 1993 Campbell, Ken