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Women's Right to Vote in Canada

An overview of the evolution of the electoral franchise for women in Canada, including both provincial and federal legislative decisions.

1917-09-20 Canada

The War-time Elections Act 

S.C. 1917, c. 39

Generally women who were: a) British subjects; b) otherwise qualified as to age, race and residence; and c) the wife, widow, mother , sister or daughter of any person in the naval forces (inside or outside Canada) or any person in the military forces (outside Canada) who was serving or served with Canada or Great Britain (only until demobilization).
1917-09-20 Canada

Military Voters Act 

S.C. 1917, c. 34

Women who are British subjects and on active service for Canada (whether or not they are resident in Canada, including "Indians") , and women who are British subjects ordinarily resident in Canada, including "Indians", who are on active service for Great Britain or an ally (only until demobilization).
1918-05-24 Canada

An Act to confer the Electoral Franchise upon Women 

S.C. 1918, c. 20

Women who are British subjects, 21 years of age, and otherwise meet the qualifications entitling a man to vote, are entitled to vote in a Dominion election. In effect January 1, 1919.
1916-01-28 Manitoba

An Act to amend The Manitoba Election Act. 

Statutes of Manitoba 1916, c. 36

1916-03-14 Saskatchewan

An Act to amend the Statute Law.

Statutes of Saskatchewan 1916, c. 37

1916-04-19 Alberta

An Act to provide for Equal Suffrage (Short title: The Equal Suffrage Statutory Law Amendment Act)

Statutes of Alberta 1916, c. 5

1917-04-05 British Columbia

An Act to amend the Provincial Elections Act (Short title: Provincial Elections Act Amendment Act, 1917)

Statutes of British Columbia 1917, c. 23

1917-04-12 Ontario

An Act to amend the Ontario Election Act (Short title: The Election Law Amendment Act, 1917)

Statutes of Ontario 1917, c. 6

1918-04-26 Nova Scotia

An Act to amend and consolidate the Acts in respect to the Electoral Franchise (Short title: The Nova Scotia Franchise Act)

Statutes of Nova Scotia 1918, c. 2

1919-04-17 New Brunswick

An Act to extend the electoral franchise to women, and to amend the New Brunswick Electors Act (Short title: New Brunswick Election Act amended)

Acts of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick 1919, c.63

1919-05-20 Yukon

An Ordinance respecting Elections (Short title: Election Ordinance)

Ordinances of the Yukon Territory 1919, c. 7

1922-05-03 Prince Edward Island

The Election Act, 1922

Statutes of Prince Edward Island 1922, c. 5

1925-04-03 Newfoundland and Labrador

An Act to amend Chap. 3 of the Consolidated Statutes of Newfoundland (Third Series) entitled "Of the Election of Members of the House of Assembly". (Short title: House of Assembly Amendment Act)

Acts of the General Assembly of Newfoundland 1925, c. 7

Women over 25 years of age. In effect April 13, 1925.
1940-04-25 Quebec

An Act granting to women the right to vote and to be eligible as candidates

Statutes of Quebec 1940, c. 7

1951-06-12 Northwest Territories

An Ordinance respecting the Franchise of Electors and the Election of Members to the Council of the Northwest Territories (Short title: Elections Ordinance)

Ordinances of the Northwest Territories 1951, c. 18

1960-03-31 Canada

An Act to amend the Indian Act

Statutes of Canada, 1960, ch. 8.

An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act

Statutes of Canada, 1960, ch. 7.

The First Nation is granted the right to vote without relinquishing their status. Statute came into effect on July 1st, 1960.