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History of Federal Ridings since 1867

CALGARY HERITAGE, Alberta (2015 - )

See:CALGARY SOUTHEAST (Alberta)(1988 - 2015)
CALGARY SOUTHWEST (Alberta)(1988 - 2015)

Representation Order, 2013 (SI/2013-102)

Consisting of that part of the City of Calgary lying westerly and southerly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the southerly limit of said city with Spruce Meadows Way SW; thence northerly along said way and northerly and easterly along James McKevitt Road SW to Macleod Trail S; thence northerly along said trail to Glenmore Trail SW (Highway No. 8); thence westerly and generally northwesterly along said trail to 37 Street SW; thence southerly along said street to the westerly limit of said city.

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
42 2015/10/19 HARPER, Stephen Parliamentarian  37,263 63.77% C.P.C. 
MILES, Brendan Physician  15,172 25.97% Lib. 
MASTERS BURGENER, Matt Musician  4,255 7.28% N.D.P. 
CHRISTIE, Kelly Construction consultant/supervisor  1,246 2.13% G.P. 
PAOLASINI, Steven Marketing consultant  246 0.42% Libert. 
HEATHER, Larry R Audio producer (radio)  114 0.20% Ind. 
ZEPIK, Korry Aerial technician  73 0.12% Ind. 
DUCHASTEL DE MONTROUGE, Nicolas Software engineer  61 0.10% Ind. 

By-Election:   Resignation of Stephen Harper, 26-8-2016

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
2017/04/03 BENZEN, Bob Businessman  19,383 71.48% C.P.C. 
FORSYTH, Scott Doctor  5,889 21.72% Lib. 
AHMED, Khalis Geologist  785 2.89% N.D.P. 
KNORREN, Taryn Student  484 1.78% G.P. 
WILLERTON, Jeff Sales  385 1.42% C.H.P. 
GEROW, Darcy Carpenter  114 0.42% Libert. 
GARVEY, Stephen J. Author  76 0.28% NAPC 

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