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History of Federal Ridings since 1867

BURNABY--SEYMOUR, British Columbia (1968 - 1979)

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Representation Order, 1966

BURNABY-SEYMOUR consisting of the territory bounded as follows:commencing at the intersection of the former British Columbia Electric Railway Line and the projection of Byrne Road; thence easterly along Byrne Road and Nineteenth (19th) Street to Edmonds Street; thence northeasterly along Edmonds Street to Grandview Highway; thence northwesterly along Grandview Highway to Sperling Avenue; thence northerly along Sperling Avenue to Hastings Street; thence easterly along Hastings Street to Inlet Drive; thence northerly along Inlet Drive to Pandora Street; thence easterly on Pandora Street and its easterly projection to the northerly projection of Phillips Avenue; thence northerly along said northerly projection to the south shore of Burrard Inlet; thence northerly in a straight line to the southeast corner of the North Vancouver District Municipality; thence northerly and westerly along the easterly and northerly boundaries of said municipality to the intersection of said northerly boundary with the projection northerly of Fromme Road; thence southerly along said projection and continuing along Fromme Road and its projection southerly to the boundary of said municipality lying along the projection of Twentieth (20th) Street; thence easterly along said boundary, projection and street to Arborlynn Drive; thence due east to Hastings Creek; thence southerly along Hastings Creek to Lynn Creek; thence southerly along Lynn Creek to the east limit of the City of North Vancouver; thence southerly along said east limit and its projection southerly to the north limit of the City of Vancouver; thence easterly along said north limit to the east limit of the City of Vancouver; thence south along said east limit to Imperial Street; thence easterly along Imperial Street to the former British Columbia Electric Railway Line; thence southeasterly along said railway line to the point of commencement.

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
28 1968/06/25 PERRAULT, Ray Party leader  17,891 45.23% Lib. 
DOUGLAS, Thomas Clement (Tommy) Party leader  17,753 44.89% N.D.P. 
MACLEAN, Charles Barrister  3,206 8.11% P.C. 
PRICE, Ron Account executive  702 1.77% S.C. 

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
29 1972/10/30 NELSON, Ed Teacher  18,274 37.79% N.D.P. 
PERRAULT, Ray Communications counsellor  17,985 37.19% Lib. 
RATEL, John Manager  11,119 22.99% P.C. 
MACDONALD, John B. Commissionaire  694 1.44% S.C. 
THOMPSON, Bob Student  133 0.28% Ind. 
WAUGH, Eric Shipyard workman  120 0.25% N/A 
GLASHEEN, Lorette Student  36 0.07% N/A 

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
30 1974/07/08 RAINES, Marke Journalist  18,063 36.58% Lib. 
NIELSEN, Jim Broadcaster  17,574 35.59% P.C. 
NELSON, Ed Teacher  13,472 27.28% N.D.P. 
WAUGH, Eric Ship's rigger  167 0.34% Comm. 
MALEY, Jack Labourer  60 0.12% M.-L. 
DOUCET, AndrĂ© Labourer  42 0.09% N/A 

The electoral district was abolished in 1979.

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