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History of Federal Ridings since 1867

CALGARY CENTRE, Alberta (2004 - )

See:CALGARY EAST (Alberta)(1997 - 2015)
CALGARY SOUTH CENTRE (Alberta)(2004 - 2004)

S.C. 2004, c.19

In the representation order declared in force by proclamation of August 25, 2003 under the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act, paragraph 6 of that part relating to the Province of Alberta is amended by substituting the name “Calgary Centre” for the name “Calgary South Centre”.

Mr. Lee Richardson (C) was the sitting member at the time of the constituency's name change.

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
39 2006/01/23 RICHARDSON, Lee Businessman  30,213 55.41% C.P.C. 
KIM, Heesung Architect  10,464 19.19% Lib. 
PINCOTT, Brian Production manager  7,227 13.25% N.D.P. 
JOHNSON, John N. Engineering designer  6,372 11.69% G.P. 
GROVER, Trevor Instructor  250 0.46% Action 

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
40 2008/10/14 RICHARDSON, Lee Businessman  26,085 55.60% C.P.C. 
KIM, Heesung Architect  8,402 17.91% Lib. 
ODD, Natalie Executive director, non-profit organization  7,778 16.58% G.P. 
KINCH, Tyler Freelance graphic designer  4,229 9.01% N.D.P. 
GROCHOWSKI, Antony Tony Architect  420 0.90% Ind. 

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
41 2011/05/02 RICHARDSON, Lee Parliamentarian  28,401 57.68% C.P.C. 
POLLOCK, Jennifer Lawyer  8,631 17.53% Lib. 
MONTGOMERY, Donna Marlis Educational assistant  7,314 14.86% N.D.P. 
HAMILTON, William Communications consultant  4,889 9.93% G.P. 

By-Election:   On Mr. Richardson's resignation, 6-6-2012

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
2012/11/26 CROCKATT, Joan Journalist  10,191 36.87% Cons. 
LOCKE, Harvey   9,033 32.68% Lib. 
TURNER, Chris   7,090 25.65% G.P. 
MEADES, Dan   1,064 3.85% N.D.P. 
GROCHOWSKI, Antoni Student/architect/realtor  141 0.51% Ind. 
PRASHAD, Tony   121 0.44% Libert. 

Representation Order, 2013 (SI/2013-102)

Consisting of that part of the City of Calgary described as follows: commencing at the intersection of 37 Street SW with Glenmore Trail SW (Highway No. 8); thence northerly along 37 Street SW to Bow Trail SW; thence generally easterly along said trail to Crowchild Trail SW; thence northerly along said trail to the right bank of the Bow River; thence generally easterly (passing to the north of Prince’s Island) and generally southerly along said bank to Glenmore Trail SE; thence northwesterly and generally westerly along said trail and along Glenmore Trail SW (Highway No. 8) to the point of commencement.

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
42 2015/10/19 HEHR, Kent Lawyer  28,496 46.52% Lib. 
CROCKATT, Joan Parliamentarian  27,746 45.30% C.P.C. 
RATTI, Jillian Family physician  3,412 5.57% N.D.P. 
BOONLERT, Thana Environmental engineer  1,347 2.20% G.P. 
HENDERSON, Yogi Cost engineer  248 0.40% Ind. 

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