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History of Federal Ridings since 1867

BURNABY SOUTH, British Columbia (2015 - )

See:BURNABY--DOUGLAS (British Columbia)(1997 - 2015)
BURNABY--NEW WESTMINSTER (British Columbia)(2004 - 2015)

Representation Order, 2013, (SI/2013-102)

Consisting of that part of the City of Burnaby described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the westerly limit of said city with Lougheed Highway (Highway No. 7); thence generally easterly along said highway to the easterly limit of said city at North Road; thence southerly along North Road to the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway No. 1); thence generally westerly along said highway to the northeasterly production of Nursery Street; thence southwesterly along said production and Nursery Street to 6th Street; thence northwesterly along said street to Burris Street; thence southwesterly along said street to Walker Avenue; thence southeasterly along said avenue to Stanley Street; thence southerly in a straight line to the end of Griffiths Avenue; thence southerly along said avenue to Griffiths Drive; thence generally southerly along said drive to the southerly limit of said city at 10th Avenue; thence generally westerly and northerly along the southerly and westerly limits of said city to the point of commencement.

Parl Date Candidate Occupation Votes Votes (%) Party Elected
42 2015/10/19 STEWART, Kennedy Parliamentarian  16,094 35.07% N.D.P. 
PANKRATZ, Adam Banker  15,547 33.88% Lib. 
SEEAR, Grace Political staff  12,441 27.11% C.P.C. 
TESSARI, Wyatt Engineer  1,306 2.85% G.P. 
JALUAGUE, Liz Student  499 1.09% Libert. 

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